Tencent Meeting Software License and Service Agreement

Preface and Introduction

Welcome to use the Tencent Meeting Software and Service!

In order to use the Tencent Meeting Software (hereinafter collectively referred to as “this Software”) and Service (“Service”), you shall read and comply with theTencent Meeting Software License and Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”), theTencent Service Agreement, Tencent Privacy Policy and the Tencent Meeting Privacy Protection Guidelines. Please carefully read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement, especially those releasing or limiting Tencent’s liabilities, restricting the rights of the Users, providing for dispute resolution mechanism and jurisdiction, as well as any separate agreement for activation or use of certain services. Provisions restricting or releasing certain liabilities, or otherwise relating to your material rights and interests may be in bold font, underlined or otherwise brought to your special attention.

If you lack full capacity for civil conduct due to age, mental capacity or other factors, please read this Agreement and decide whether to agree to it in the company of your legal guardian (the “Guardian”). If you are in any jurisdiction outside mainland China, you should also comply with the laws of the country or region where you belong or reside in connection with the conclusion or performance of this Agreement and the use of this Service.

Relevant Definitions:

Tencent: refers to Tencent and its operating affiliates that provide related services.

Tencent Meeting User: refers to any individual (“Individual User”) or any organization (“Enterprise User”) that registers, logs in to, uses Tencent Meeting Software and Service and has acquired administration authority.

End User: refers to any individual or Individual User that has been granted access to Tencent Meeting Service by an Enterprise User, or that is invited by an Enterprise User to join an enterprise organization and use the Tencent Meeting.

The aforesaid “Tencent Meeting Users” and “End Users” are collectively referred to as “Users” or “all Users”, or in most cases as “you.”

I. Scope of this Agreement

1.1 This Agreement is concluded by and between you and Tencent regarding your downloading, installation, use and login of this Software and use of this Service.

1.2 The following agreements, rules and guidelines as well as other relevant agreements, rules and instructions related to this Software and/or this Service that may be published by Tencent from time to time shall, upon their formal publication, constitute an integral part of this Agreement and should be complied by you equally:

(1) Tencent Service Agreement.

(2) Tencent Privacy Policy.

(3) Tencent Meeting Privacy Protection Guidelines

II. This Software and Service

2.1 This Software means the Tencent Meeting Software developed by Tencent and authorized to be downloaded, installed and used by the Users in accordance with this Agreement and other agreements and rules of Tencent.

2.2 You understand and agree that if necessary, Tencent may update or adjust the contents of this Service.

2.3 You may use this Service from client-side or website through diverse terminals, including without limitation to computers and mobile phones, as may be provided by Tencent. Tencent will endeavor to make this Service available in other forms and accessible in other terminals. You should choose the version of this Software that matches with your terminal, system, etc. in order to properly use this Service. Otherwise, you may not be able to use this Service normally.

2.4 If you are an Enterprise User, you may apply for a Tencent Meeting enterprise account and set up an administration account, through which you may upload and manage the members contacts book and invite the members of your organization to join as your End Users.

2.5 Tencent grants you a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use this Software within the scope and in the manner specified by this Agreement and other agreements and rules of Tencent.

2.5.1 You may download, install, use and log on to this Software on a single terminal device for non-commercial purposes.

2.5.2 Tencent reserves all rights not expressly authorized by this section or other sections of this Agreement. You shall separately obtain a written consent from Tencent to exercise those rights. The failure of Tencent to exercise any of the foregoing rights shall not constitute a waiver of such rights.

2.6 Tencent may amend or change the fees or charging methods for any fee-charging Service based on its actual needs and may start to charge fees on certain free Service. Before doing so, Tencent will release a prior notice or announcement on the relevant service pages. You may stop using such Service if you do not agree to those changes.  

III. Access to this Software

3.1 You may access this Software from Tencent’s official channels and other channels authorized by Tencent including Tencent’s official websites, Tencent’s official application distribution platform as well as third-party websites and application distribution platforms authorized by Tencent.

3.2 If you access this Software through a third party without authorization by Tencent or use a different installation program which bears the same name as this Software, Tencent cannot guarantee that such software will function normally and shall not be liable for any loss you incur in connection therewith.

IV. Installation and Uninstallation of this Software

4.1 Tencent may develop different versions of this Software compatible with different terminals, systems, etc. You should choose the appropriate version to download and install according to the actual situation.

4.2 You should download the installer and then install this Software by following the instructions in the installer.

4.3 Tencent may recommend other software in the process of installation of this Software in order to provide better and safer services. You may decide whether to install such software on your own.

4.4 The content of this Service provided by Tencent available to Users may vary from region to region due to reasons such as strategic arrangement or adjustment. As for the specific content of this Service, please refer to the services actually provided by Tencent.

4.5 You may uninstall this Software if you no longer need this Software or you need to install a new version of this Software. We recommend you to inform us of your reasons for uninstallation if you are willing to help us improve our product and services.  

V. Software Updates

5.1 In order to improve user experience and service content, Tencent will constantly strive to develop new services and may provide you with Software updates from time to time.

5.2 Tencent has the right to update this Software or to change certain functions of this Software in order to improve user experience or to improve the security of this Service or to ensure consistency of its functions.

5.3 The old version of this Software may become unavailable after a new version is released. Tencent does not guarantee that the old version of this Software will continue to function, nor that you can obtain appropriate customer service and maintenance with respect to old versions of this Software. Please check and download the most updated version of this Software in time.

VI. Protection of User Information and Personal Information

6.1 Protecting users’ information is a basic principle adhered by Tencent. Tencent will collect, use, store and share your relevant information in accordance with this Agreement, the Tencent Privacy Policy, the Tencent Meeting Privacy Protection Guidelines).  Your relevant information includes without limitation:

(1) Device information: Tencent will collect information on the personal devices you use to log in, including audio and video device information, information of operating system and version thereof, IP addresses, and system disk storage, in order to identify whether your personal device is compatible.

(2) Log information: Tencent Meeting will collect local log information while you use relevant Service, including IP addresses of relevant device, downtime log and software operation information. Users may submit log files to the administration server to facilitate the fixing of malfunction and to improve service quality.

(3) Audio and video quality data: Tencent will collect local data relating to audio and video quality while you use relevant Service, including volume, packet loss rate, etc. Audio and video quality data do not reveal your conversation, and are only used to analyze audio and video quality.

6.2 You may need to fill in some necessary information when registering an account or using this Service. You should fill in authentic identity information (including but not limited to mobile phone number) if it is so required by state “laws and regulations” (referring to the currently-effective laws, administrative regulations, judicial interpretations, local regulations, local rules, department rules and other normative documents of the country or region where a User is from or resides, as revised and supplemented from time to time). You may not be able to use or may be restricted from using this Service if the information you provide is incomplete or incorrect.

6.3 In general, you may view and modify the information submitted by yourself according to the relevant product rules. If you are an End User, you may be able to modify the personal information submitted only through the administrator of the Enterprise User which you join. But for security and ID identification purposes (e.g., for account complaint service), you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information you provided during registration.

6.4 An Enterprise User must obtain the explicit consent of its End Users before uploading and managing its End Users’ personal information such as names, photos and mobile phone numbers. In addition, the collection of Users’ information by an Enterprise User should be limited to the extent necessary for the provision of service function and business operation, and the Enterprise User shall sufficiently inform its End Users of the purpose and scope of the data collection and usage of the data to be collected.

6.5 An Enterprise User should establish an information security protection system and instruct its End Users to protect information security, including without limitation: to vest administrative authority to an appropriate person; to reasonably set the administrative authority of relevant persons; to remind or require its End Users to protect information security and account security so as to prevent their accounts from being used by others and to avoid ensuing information leakage.

6.6 Tencent will protect your personal information from being accessed, used or disclosed without authorization, by establishing a comprehensive management system through adoption of various security technologies and procedures.

6.7 Tencent will strictly restrict information sharing according to the requirements of the laws and regulations. If necessary, information sharing will be implemented by strictly complying with theTencent Privacy Policy, theTencent Meeting Privacy Protection Guidelines and other relevant rules.

6.8 Tencent attaches great importance to the protection of minors’ personal information. If you lack full capacity for civil conduct, you shall obtain prior consent of your Guardian before using this Service.

VII. Code of Conduct of Users

7.1 Registration and Use of Account

7.1.1 Users shall provide accurate user information and timely update the same according to the instructions on the corresponding pages in accordance with laws and regulations and service requirements, and should keep such information authentic, updated, complete and accurate. Users are prohibited from registering an account in the name of others, registering an account for others without authorization, registering an account in a way that may mislead other Users, registering an account with a name that may infringe on others’ rights and interests (including without limitation trademark or reputation infringement), or registering an account in bad faith such as registration of multiple accounts. If any User fails to comply, Tencent may reject account registration or cancel the relevant account upon discovery, and Tencent shall not be liable for any loss incurred by such User in connection therewith.

7.1.2 Individual Users shall be natural persons with full capacity for civil conduct in order to complete the registration process and to use this Service in manners as permitted by Tencent; with respect to Individual Users who do not have full capacity for civil conduct, they shall obtain express consent of their Guardians before they can register as Individual Users of this Service. Enterprise Users shall be duly established and validly existing entities, and shall have necessary rights and authority to enter into this Agreement and perform their obligations hereunder. Any person/entity that fails meet the aforementioned qualifications to become a User should refrain from using this Service; otherwise, all consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by such person/entity and his/her Guardian, and Tencent shall have the right to cancel, suspend or permanently freeze such person/entity’s account, and to seek damages suffered by Tencent in connection with such violation against the violating Users and their Guardians.

7.1.3 If you register an account or use this Service in manners permitted by Tencent on behalf of a company, enterprise or other organization, you hereby confirm that you have obtained full authorization from such company, enterprise or organization to do so.  

7.1.4 Enterprise Users should register a Tencent Meeting corporate account and set up an administration account prior to using this Service, and the administrator will subsequently assign an end user account to each End User. An End User may use the Tencent Meeting only after being verified through a mobile phone verification code or WeChat verification process, so as to ascertain the organization where the End User belongs, and to ensure the security of the Tencent Meeting account and obtain user information necessary for providing this Service. Tencent shall have the right to modify the methods for account registration based on Users’ needs or product needs.

7.1.5 If you are an End User of an Enterprise User, you can enjoy the services provided by Tencent to End Users of such Enterprise User, and you agree to authorize the Enterprise User to manage your behavior and interests relating to your use of this Service, including but not limited to adding and deleting your End User status, adjusting your authority to access this Service and restricting the content of this Service. End Users should use this Service within the scope authorized by their Enterprise Users. If you cease to be an End User of an Enterprise User, Tencent has the right to cancel the rights and benefits you enjoy as an End User of such Enterprise User and delete relevant data as instructed by the administrator of such Enterprise User.

7.2 Matters Requiring Users’ Attention

You fully understand and agree that:

7.2.1 To provide you with better services or maintain software security, Tencent will collect your relevant information in accordance with the principles of “legitimacy, necessity and justifiability” as provided by laws and regulations.

7.2.2 Enterprise Users shall understand and agree that End Users of the same Enterprise User may view the each other’s information through this Software, but the administrator has the right to restrict the information access of End Users. Before using this Service to invite End Users and manage End Users’ information, an Enterprise User shall: fully inform its End Users of the policies and regulations relating to or affecting user information or content when using this Software and Service, as well as ways of handling relevant End Users’ information (including without limitation the provision of necessary personal information of End User to Tencent) and obtain valid consent of its End Users. ensure that the use and processing of its End Users’ information and content during their use of this Service are in compliance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. deal with and settle all disputes and controversies arising between itself and its End Users in connection with user information or content, or in connection with such Enterprise User’s failure to fully perform this Agreement, and bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom on its own.

7.2.3 You may also need to consent to any separate agreements or rules in order to use a particular function of this Service; please also carefully read such relevant agreements or rules before using such function.

7.2.4 You may choose not to provide some of your information to Tencent, or may reject Tencent’s request to collect certain information through your product settings, which may render relevant service function unavailable.

7.2.5 Tencent will use its commercially reasonable efforts to guarantee the security of your data stored in this Service. However, Tencent cannot guarantee full data security under certain circumstances, including without limitation, the following circumstances:

(1) Tencent shall not be liable for the deletion or storage failure of relevant data in this Software and/or this Service which is caused by reasons not attributable to Tencent.

(2) You shall, at your own expense, back up data and information stored in or in connection with this Software and/or this Service, unless otherwise agreed by both Parties.

(3) Tencent shall have the right to delete your data from the servers permanently if you cease to use this Software and/or this Service (such as you cancelling your account), or this Service is cancelled or terminated due to your violation of laws and regulations or this Agreement. If you are an Enterprise User, Tencent also has the right to delete your administrator account and all information and interests your End Users enjoy based on the enterprise account. Tencent shall have no obligation to return any data to you if this Service is ceased, terminated or cancelled. You are obligated to back up your data before this Service is ceased, terminated or cancelled.

7.3 Prohibitions on User Conduct

You shall comply with relevant laws and regulations, user agreements, rules and standards and so forth when using this Software and/or this Service, and shall not engage in or assist any of the following activities, including without limitation:

7.3.1 Acts Prohibited by Laws and Regulations

When using this Service, you shall comply with laws and regulations and shall neither produce, reproduce, release or dissemination any of the following information, nor assist the production, reproduction, release or dissemination of any of the following information:

(1) information that opposes the cardinal principles determined in the State Constitution.

(2) information that compromises State security, divulges State secrets, subverts State sovereignty, or undermines the unity of the nation.

(3) information that damages the honor and interests of the nation.

(4) information that incites ethnic hatred or racial discrimination, or undermines the national solidarity.

(5) information that violates State religious policies, or propagates heresies or superstition.

(6) information that disseminates rumors, disrupts the public order, or undermines social stability.

(7) information that disseminates obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder or horror, or instigates crimes.

(8) information that insults, slanders or discriminates others or infringes upon others’ legitimate rights and interests.

(9) information that violates the requirements of the “seven bottom lines,” i.e., laws and regulations, the socialist system, national interests, legitimate rights and interests of citizens, social public order, morality, and information authenticity.

(10) Other acts prohibited by laws and regulations.

7.3.2 Use of Software

Unless otherwise permitted by laws and regulations or by Tencent in writing, you are prohibited from taking any of the following acts:

(1) deleting all copyright-related information from this Software and any copies thereof;

(2) reverse engineering, reverse assembling or reverse compiling this Software or otherwise attempting to trace the source code of this Software.

(3) using, leasing, lending, reproducing, modifying, linking, reprinting, compiling, releasing, publishing or establishing a mirror image website for content which Tencent owns intellectual property rights.

(4) copying, modifying, adding, deleting, hooking up or creating any derivative works with respect to this Software or data released into any terminal memory during the operation of this Software, interaction data between the client-side and the server end during the operation of this Software, and system data necessary for the operation of this Software, in the forms including without limitation accessing this Software and relevant systems by using plug-ins, cheating programs or third party tools/services not authorized by Tencent;

(5) adding, deleting or altering the functions or operating effect of this Software by modifying or counterfeiting instructions and data involved in the operation of this Software, or operating or distributing to the public any software or method intended for the foregoing purposes, regardless of whether those activities are conducted for commercial purposes.

(6) logging in or using this Software and/or this Service by using third party software, plug-ins, cheating programs and systems other than those developed or licensed by Tencent, or producing, distributing or disseminating such third-party software, plug-ins, cheating programs and systems.

(7) interfering with this Software and/or this Service or its components, modules, data, etc., either by yourself or by authorizing others to do so or by using third-party software.

(8) Other acts that may affect or interfere with the normal operation of this Software and/or this Service.

7.3.3 Contents Damaging the Security of the Platform

You shall not engage in or assist any of the following acts, including without limitation:

(1) Disseminating illegal, fraudulent or false information such as false prize-winning information, fraudulent phishing information, illegal or false wealth management information.

(2) Disseminating documents or programs containing viruses or Trojan, or any content or information describing instructions to develop the same.

(3) Other content, information or acts that jeopardize the security of Tencent, this Software or other entities.

7.4 Legal Liabilities

7.4.1 You understand and agree that Tencent shall have the right to unilaterally take one or more of the following measures at any time based on actual circumstances (the duration for such measures shall be determined by Tencent based on the severity of your violation of laws or breach of agreement) if you violate laws and regulations, this Agreement and/or other regulations and rules of Tencent:

(1) To give you a warning.

(2) To restrict you from using any part or all of the functions of this Software and/or this Services.

(3) To delete or block relevant content or disconnect relevant links.

(4) To suspend or terminate your use of the relevant Tencent Meeting account.

(5) To take other reasonable and lawful measures.

(6) To hold you liable for your violation or breach in accordance with laws.

7.4.2 After Tencent takes any action or measures against you to restrict your use of this Software and/or this Service due to your violation of laws and regulations, this Agreement and/or other regulations and rules of Tencent, you shall bear on your own the relevant consequences and losses caused by the unavailability of Tencent Meeting, either temporarily or permanently, or by the failure to log in to or use other products and/or services via Tencent Meeting.  

7.4.3 Enterprise Users which purchase this Service shall supervise and review the conduct of and the content published by their End Users in connection with their use of Tencent Meetings. The Enterprise Users and their End Users shall take full responsibilities for any consequence or loss resulted from the violation of laws and regulations by the conduct of or the content published by the End Users. In addition, Enterprise Users shall bear on their own the relevant consequences and losses (if any) caused by the unavailability of Tencent Meetings (either temporarily or permanently), or by the failure to log in to or use other products and/or services via Tencent Meeting after Tencent takes any actions or measures to restrict their use of this Software and/or this Service due to their violation of the laws and regulations, the Agreement and/or other regulations and rules of Tencent.

7.4.4 You shall be responsible for backing up the data stored in this Service and arising from your use of this Service in reasonable and safe manners. If Tencent terminates your account permanently in accordance with this Agreement, Tencent shall have the right to delete all of your data relating to this Service or all of your data and information stored in this Service, and you shall bear all consequences arising therefrom.

7.4.5 You shall be solely liable for any damages caused by you to any third party, and shall compensate Tencent for any loss (if any) that Tencent has suffered therefrom.

7.5 Responsible for your Own Behavior

You fully understand and agree that you shall be responsible for all acts relating to your use of this Software and/or this Service, including any content published by you, and shall bear any consequences arising therefrom. You shall independently determine the accuracy, completeness, practicability and other qualities of the content you encounter when using this Software and/or this Service and shall assume the risks arising from your reliance on the same. To the extent permitted by law, Tencent shall not be liable for any loss or damage you incur in relation to the aforementioned risks.

An Enterprise User shall be responsible for the actions taken under its designated administrator account and bear the consequences caused by Tencent’s adjustment of this Service in response to the actions, operation and instructions of the administrator account. If you are an individual without full capacity for civil conduct, you shall understand that your Guardian will be responsible for all the actions you take in connection with using this Service.

7.6 Content Sent and Disseminated by Users and Handling of Complaints

7.6.1 You agree that Tencent has the discretion to take relevant measures such as deleting, blocking or disconnecting relevant links if the content you send or transmit violates laws and regulations or infringes the rights of others.

7.6.2 If you are complained by others or you make a complaint against others, Tencent may provide the interested parties or relevant government agencies with necessary information on the disputing parties, such as their identification and contact information, content of the complaint, so as to facilitate the resolution of the complaint and protect the legitimate rights and interests of relevant parties.

VIII. Products or Services Provided by Third Parties

8.1 In addition to this Agreement, you shall also comply with the user agreement of a third party when you use the products or services provided by such third party on Tencent platform. We suggest that you carefully read the user agreement and privacy policy of such third party before using such third-party products or services. Tencent and a third party shall be respectively liable for any potential dispute to the extent stipulated by law.

8.2 A User’s use of or access to Service may be supported by a third party or a third-party system when such User uses this Software or requests specific services from Tencent, and such third party shall be responsible for providing the relevant content (including without limitation, third-party services and content that you are directed to from this Service, and the third-party services and content accessible through the Tencent open platform), and Tencent shall not be liable for such third party services.

IX. Advertising

9.1 You agree that Tencent may, either by itself or through a third party, send or display advertisements or other information (including commercial and non-commercial information) to you in various forms such as text messages, emails and electronic information. As for the specific means, frequency of sending and display of advertisements, as well as the content of advertisements, please refer to the advertisements actually displayed by Tencent.

9.2 Tencent will operate its advertising business in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. You agree that you shall prudently determine the authenticity and reliability of the advertisements appearing in this Service. Unless otherwise expressly provided by law, you shall be responsible for any of your actions taken due to such advertisements.

X. Intellectual Property Rights

10.1 Tencent is the holder of the intellectual property rights of this Software. All copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights relating to this Software and all informational content relating to this Software (including without limitation words, pictures, audios, videos, graphs, interface designs, layout frames, relevant data or electronic files) are protected by laws and regulations and relevant international treaties. Tencent retains all aforementioned intellectual property rights, except for those owned by other right holders by law.

10.2 Without the written consent of Tencent or the relevant right holders, you shall not by yourself implement, exploit or transfer, or license any third party to implement, exploit or transfer the above intellectual property rights, either for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

10.3 If you are an Enterprise User, you agree that Tencent can disclose the business collaboration between you and Tencent by using either online or offline your information or logos such as your name, trade name and trademark for promotional purposes.

XI. Terminal Safety Responsibilities

11.1 You understand and agree that, similar to most online software and services, use of this Software and/or this Service may be affected by a variety of factors (including without limitation, factors attributable to users, network service quality, social environment), or be disrupted by a variety of security issues (including without limitation, illegal use of users’ information to harass them offline, or viruses, Trojan or other malicious programs contained in the software downloaded or installed by users or in the websites visited by users, which threatens the security of your information and data, thus affecting the normal function of this Software and this Service). Therefore, you shall strengthen your awareness to protect information security and your personal information, and carefully secure your password, so as to avoid losses.

11.2 You shall not create, distribute, use or disseminate malicious programs which are intended to steal Tencent Meeting conference numbers and/or personal information or property of others.

11.3 Each of Tencent and you are responsible for maintaining the security and normal function of this Software. Tencent will take reasonable and prudent technical measures that are necessary to protect the security of your information and data in accordance with industry standards, but you acknowledge and agree that Tencent cannot provide any guarantee in this regard.

XII. Third Party Software or Technology

12.1 This Software may use third-party software or technology (including open source code and public domain code) and such usage has been legally authorized.

12.2 If third-party software or technology is used, Tencent may display the relevant third-party agreements or other documents in accordance with the relevant regulations and agreements, in the forms such as attaching them to this Agreement as exhibits or packing them into the specific folders of the installation package of this Software, which may be identified as the “Software Licensing Agreement,” “License Agreement,” “Open Source Software License” and so forth.

12.3 The aforesaid third-party agreements or other documents, regardless of how they are presented, shall constitute an integral part of this Agreement and shall have the same legal effect as this Agreement, and you should comply with them equally.If you fail to comply with those third-party agreements or other documents, relevant third parties or regulatory authorities may institute legal proceedings, impose fines or take other measures against you, and Tencent’s assistance may be also sought by them. You shall solely bear the legal liabilities resulted from your noncompliance with those third-party agreements or other documents.  

XIII. Force Majeure and Other Disclaimers

13.1 You understand and agree that this Service may be affected by force majeure and other risk factors. “Force Majeure” shall mean any objective event which is unforeseeable, insurmountable and unavoidable and has significant impact on either or both parties, including without limitation, natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, epidemic and storm, as well as social events such as wars, riots and government action. Upon occurrence of any force majeure, Tencent will endeavor to cooperate with relevant parties promptly to deal with the situation; provided, however, that Tencent shall be exempted from any liability for losses incurred by you in connection therewith to the extent permitted by law.

13.2 To the extent permitted by law, Tencent shall not be liable for service interruption or disruption due to the following circumstances:

(1) any attack by computer virus, Trojan or other malicious programs or hackers.

(2) failure in computer software, system, hardware and telecommunication lines of the User or Tencent.

(3) improper operation by the User or use of this Service in a manner not authorized by Tencent.

(4) use of outdated version, obsolete devices and/or incompatible devices.

(5) other circumstances that cannot be controlled or reasonably foreseen by Tencent.

13.3 You understand and agree that you are subject to risks associated with network information or the conduct of other User when using this Service. Tencent shall not be responsible for the authenticity, applicability and legality of any information, and shall not be liable for any damages you incur due to other Users’ tortious behavior. Those risks include, but are not limited to:

(1) receiving anonymous or impersonated information from others containing threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal content.

(2) suffering any psychological or physical harm or economic loss due to being misled, deceived or other circumstances.

(3) Other risks arising from network information or User behavior.

13.4 Tencent shall have the right but not the obligation to cope with illegal content in accordance with this Agreement. Tencent does not guarantee that it will discover or deal with any illegal content in a timely manner.

13.5 Under no circumstances should you easily believe the veracity of any information about loan, password requests, money or other property. When receiving information instructing any property-related actions, please ascertain the identity of the other party and always pay attention to Tencent’s anti-fraud notices.

XIV. Miscellaneous

14.1 You are deemed to have read and accepted this Agreement by using this Software and/or this Service.Tencent has the right to modify the provisions of this Agreement if necessary. You may view the latest version of this Agreement on the relevant service pages. You shall be deemed to have accepted the revisions to this Agreement if you continue to use this Software or Service provided by Tencent after this Agreement has been revised.

14.2 This Agreement is concluded at Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”, for the purpose of this Agreement, excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).

14.3 The formation, effectiveness, performance, interpretation and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the PRC (except for the laws of conflicts).

14.4 Any dispute or controversy between you and Tencent and you shall be first settled through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, you agree to resolve the dispute or controversy through litigation by submitting the dispute or controversy to the court with jurisdiction over the place of execution of this Agreement (i.e. Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province).

14.5 The headings in this Agreement are inserted for convenience of reference only and do not have actual meanings and do not affect the interpretation of this Agreement.

14.6 If any provision hereof becomes invalid or unenforceable for whatever reasons, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and binding upon both parties.

14.7 If this Agreement is available in multiple language versions such as Chinese, English, etc., and there exists any discrepancy between those different language versions, the Chinese version shall prevail. (End of Document)